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About Us

Fractalize Eco Boutique is an earth-conscious clothing and accessories store in the heart of historic Fort Bragg, CA. Owner Ryan Marie was born in Hempstead New York, raised in Boston, and has spent her adult life in California. She’s lived in California for 15 years, spending 10 of them on the coast. 

When Fractalize started in May 2006, there were a lot of challenges in running an eco-friendly store. It was hard to find products made with eco materials, let alone finding affordable, stylish pieces. Despite that, we spent the extra time hunting down the perfect eco merchandise and continue to do so to this day. This store has been a labor of love, and we’re proud of our products! We want to be a part of creating a better future. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate, inspire, and lead the way into the future of fashion. The clothing industry is consumed by fast fashion, where textiles are mass-produced and sold at a cheap price. This causes serious harm to the environment, from carbon emissions to overflowing landfills. At Fractalize, we offer an alternative that you can feel good about without ever sacrificing aesthetics or comfort. 

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